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Discover success with Bowling Planet's Pre-Opening Consulting. We offer comprehensive solutions: location analytics, ROI projection, layout design, game selection, staffing guidance, expert training, agency liaison, strategic planning and more. Elevate your game zone with our expertise!

Pre-Opening Set-Up & Consultation Services

Elevate your business with Bowling Planet's Operations Management Service. From SOP design to ROI-driven strategies, we handle HR, finances, marketing, safety, and more. Our data-driven insights ensure success. Experience operational excellence today!

Execute & Lead Business Operations

Elevate Entertainment Ventures with Expertise and Excitement.

Welcome to Bowling Planet's premier Service Section. As your ultimate destination for FEC business management consulting and the distribution of captivating games and game equipment, we combine a passion for success with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Let us guide your venture to new heights, ensuring a thrilling and prosperous journey ahead.

Elevate Entertainment with Bowling Planet's Dynamic Products

Discover Bowling Planet's diverse range of entertainment products that redefine fun and excitement. From thrilling rides to immersive virtual reality experiences, and classic arcade games to innovative attractions, our products are designed to elevate entertainment venues into dynamic hubs of joy and engagement. Explore our offerings and transform your space into an unforgettable destination for all ages.

Arcade and Video

Arcade and Video

Experience excitement with Bowling Planet's video and arcade game products. Elevate fun with our cutting-edge entertainment offerings.

Major Attractions

Major Attractions

Create lasting memories with Bowling Planet's attraction products. Elevate your venue's allure and captivate audiences with our innovative offerings.

Redemption Games

Redemption Games

Elevate fun and rewards with Bowling Planet's redemption games. Engaging entertainment that delights players and boosts engagement.


Step into the world of Bowling Planet – your ultimate hub for FEC business management consulting and the distribution of captivating games and equipment. With an unwavering passion for success and a resolute commitment to excellence, we're dedicated to propelling your venture to unparalleled heights.


Founded in 2020 by the visionary Mr. Ranjith Pillai, a seasoned expert boasting over 17 years of Top, Mid and Senior management experience in the FEC and cinema industry, Bowling Planet is fuelled by an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. Our exceptional track record features a series of triumphs, including reputed Brands in FEC Industry like, Woop, Shott, Idea Crate, Playaza, KidZania, Essel World, And in Multiplex Industry Cinemax, Inox, Roongta Group and numerous other prestigious ventures.

About Bowling Planet

Our Value Proposition


Industry Expertise


Innovative Solutions


Experienced and Certified Professionals


Personalized solutions designed to meet unique client needs.


Over 17+ Years of Experience


Data-Driven Insights


ROI-focused Solutions


Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Our Prestigious Projects

Experience our legacy through iconic ventures like Roongta Cinema, Woop, Shott, Idea Crate, and more. Join us in creating entertainment destinations that leave a lasting impact.

Join Our Team at Bowling Planet

Discover rewarding career opportunities that fuel innovation and creativity in the world of entertainment. Join us in shaping unforgettable experiences for guests while growing professionally in a dynamic and collaborative environment. Explore our diverse range of roles and become a part of the Bowling Planet family, where every day is a chance to make a difference.

Marketing Executive/Senior Marketing Executive

Dynamic Marketing Executive skilled in developing and executing impactful digital marketing strategies, encompassing SEO, content creation, social media engagement, and data-driven insights to drive brand growth and customer engagement.

Patient Care Assistant (For Games Zone)

Compassionate Patient Care Assistant dedicated to ensuring guest safety and comfort within the amusement industry. Skilled in emergency response, guest assistance, and maintaining a secure environment for a positive visitor experience.

Management Intern (Sales & Operations)

Results-driven management intern with a focus on sales and operations within the amusement industry. Collaborative and innovative, contributing to guest satisfaction, process enhancement, and business growth in a dynamic FEC or games zone environment.

Receptionist/Office Assistant (Cum Tele caller)

Strategic Amusement Industry IT Executive driving seamless operations through advanced IT infrastructure, cybersecurity implementation, and innovative digital experiences for enhanced guest engagement in Games Zones and FECs.


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